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              您的位置:首頁 > 產品規格 > 其他繞線元件 其他繞線元件 Coil components

              FEATURES 特點

               High heat resistance and excellent solderability.良好的可焊性

               xcellent terminal strength construction.良好的焊盤結構
                 Magnetically shielded construction. 磁屏蔽結構

              Surface mount inductor with high current rating.大電流表面貼裝電感

              APPLICATIONS 應用

              Ideally used in Digital camera, notebook PC,LCD/LED TV set, DC-DC Converters, etc.

              Product Identification 產品標識

                    MGSL      0755   -  100   M  -  LF
                       ①             ②          ③    ④     ⑤
              ① Series name系列名稱
              ② Product dimensions產品尺寸
              ③ Inductance Value電感量: (100: 10uH;  101:100uH)
              ④ Inductance Tolerance電感量公差:(M:20%  N:30%)
              ⑤ Lead free products 無鉛產品

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