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              您的位置:首頁 > 產品規格 > 其他繞線元件 其他繞線元件 Coil components

              FEATURES 特點

              Ultra-small size exceptional Q and high SRFs make these inductors ideal for high frequency
                 applications where size is at a premium 極小的尺寸、高Q值、高SRF適用于高頻電路

              Have excellent DCR and current carrying characteristic低阻抗大電流

              APPLICATIONS 應用

              Cordless phone and high frequency communication products 無線電話和高頻通信產品

              Product Identification 產品標識

                   MGTC  0603   C   W  -  100   J   S  -  T
                      ①        ②       ③  ④      ⑤    ⑥ ⑦    ⑧
              ① Series name系列名稱
              ② Dimensions產品尺寸:[0603 inch]
              ③ Base materials 基體材質: [C: Ceramic]
              ④ Structure 產品結構
              ⑤ Inductance 電感量:[1R0=1.0nH; 100=10nH;  101=100nH]
              ⑥ Tolerance of Inductance 電感量公差:[J:±5%  K:±10%]
              ⑦ Termination materials 電極材質 [S; Sn]
              ⑧ Packing 包裝: (B: Bulk ; T: Tape and reel)

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