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          您的位置:首頁 > 產品規格 > 疊層片式電磁兼容元件 疊層片式電磁兼容元件 Chip EMC components

          FEATURES 特點

          Closed magnetic circuit configuration preventing cross-talk from occurring which permits high density mounting

          Sharp attenuation characteristics that have a great effect on EMI suppression

          Available for automatic mounting machines in tape and reel packaging

          APPLICATIONS 應用

          Widely applied to fields in electronic measurement instruments, computer facilities, switch power supply, measurement & control system 廣泛用于電子測量儀器、計算機機房設備、開關電源、測控系統等領域

          Product Identification 產品標識

               MGTF     2012     P     101R       T    -   LF
                  ①           ②       ③       ④           ⑤      ⑥
          ① Series name系列名稱
          ② Dimension產品尺寸 L×W:【2012= 2.0mm×1.2mm】
          ③ Circuit structure 電路結構 【P:π型結構  T:T型結構】
          ④ Cut-off frequency 截止頻率:【101R=100MHz】
          ⑤ Packing Style包裝方式:【T: Taping編帶盤裝   B: Bulk散裝】
          ⑥ Lead free products無鉛產品

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